2 Beautiful Beaches in Antalya Gazipasa – Free Family Beaches

Gazipasa district of Antalya is located close to Alanya and has beautiful beaches to swim in as well as places to visit. One of these beaches is for women and the other beach is Koru beach with natural pools. Gazipasa, the district of Antalya that attracts attention with its own features and calm atmosphere, although the coastline is very long; Due to its rocky structures, the number of beaches to swim in is less than this length. Despite this, the number of beaches to swim in the district is sufficient.

2 Beautiful Beach Recommendations in Antalya Gazipasa

Sea turtles also live in many of the beaches and bays in Gazipasa. The district, which is famous in Turkey with this feature, is also located very close to each other with historical buildings and many beaches or coves. There are many coves in Gazipasa, but it is difficult to reach.

Koru Beach – Beach with Natural Pools (Koru Plajı)

Koru Beach, located in the southwest of the town center, is one of the most famous beaches of the region. Koru beach, which is a natural wonder rather than a beach, is always clean because it has the ability to clean itself. The sea in the region, where the water of the natural pools around it is extremely clear, usually has a wavy structure.

The entrance to Koru beach, where you can meet your food and beverage needs in the restaurants and cafes around it, is free of charge.

Koru Beach - Beach with Natural Pools (Koru Plajı)
Koru Beach – Beach with Natural Pools (Koru Plajı)

Aysultan Women’s Beach (Aysultan Kadınlar Plajı)

Aysultan Women’s Beach, located in the northwest direction, about 8 kilometers from the center of Gazipasa, is within the borders of Kahyalar District. Access to the beach, which is also very close to the Iotape Ancient City, can be done by following the coastline to the north.

The beach, which only serves women, has a specific feature in this respect. The depth of the beach, where the sea is wavy from time to time, is slightly above the average. For this reason, the beach of the beach, which should not be opened too much for those who cannot swim, consists of a sandy area; Some pebbles and rocks may be encountered while entering the sea. Children over the age of 7 are not allowed to enter the facility where you can meet your shower, dressing cabin and toilet needs.

There is no entrance fee to the beach, which can be reached via the shuttles departing from Gazipasa district center.

Aysultan Women's Beach (Aysultan Kadınlar Plajı)
Aysultan Women’s Beach (Aysultan Kadınlar Plajı)

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