Alanya Observation Deck – I love Alanya – Watch the View

Alanya Observation Deck, with the inscription “I love Alanya” attracts the eye of all visitors to the city. Inside the park built on a high hill in Alanya, the letter “I love Alanya” written in capital letters can be seen from everywhere. This is a unique opportunity to observe Alanya from a bird’s eye view from different angles. Alanya Observation Deck has a beautiful park, picnic area and tea gardens. The observation terraces are equipped with recreation areas, picnic tables and cafes.

Alanya Observation Deck

Alanya Observation Deck Landscapes

The observation deck of Alanya, both day and night, offers its visitors a delightful view. Accordingly, you can go here anytime you want. In summer, go for a walk in the evening to avoid the heat. The night view is truly mesmerizing. Entertainment centers sparkle amazingly. All discos, bars and hotels have unique illumination that evokes a riot of colors.

If you like morning travel, then head to the cafe for breakfast. A pleasant meal will be combined with a delightful panorama. Admire the local sights from dizzying heights Alanya Fortress , Shipyard, Kyzyl Kule, Cleopatra Beach and much more.

How to get to Alanya Observation Deck

Alanya observation deck is located 4 km from the city center. From the center of Alanya, you can leave Burger King by taking bus number 8. You need to get off at the Alanya Belediyesi Seyir Terasi stop. Buses run on schedule, so you can only get back in an hour.

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