Aydin Cine: 3 Places to Visit – History and Nature Trip (Çine)

3 historical places, culture and nature trips to visit in Aydin Cine (Çine). Aydin Cine district is close to many points in terms of location. It is 37 km from the center of Aydin. You can see many beautiful historical and natural places in Aydin Cine. Districts close to tourism areas are much more beautiful than city centers. Apart from the historical places to visit in Cine, Cine tea and its nature are very beautiful. We recommend 3 places for you to visit, but actually you will do some cultural and some nature trips.

Alabanda: is located in Doganyurt village of the district. The known history of Alabanda Ancient City dates back to the 3rd century BC. According to sources, the city was dedicated to Apollon and Khrysaoeos and was taken under immunity. Between 222-175 BC, Macedonian King Philppos V destroyed the city. Later, the city dominated by Rhodes became one of the places where money was minted in the 3rd century BC.

In 70 BC, the Roman Empire is seen in the region. In later years, the city became the state capital. It has become a very rich and magnificent city of life in its period. The area where the city is located has been dominated by the Turks since 1280.

Gerga, located in Deliklitaş Mevkii, is 22 km from Cine town center and 13 km from Alabanda Ancient City. There are also Roman ruins in the ancient city of Gerga, which contains traces of the Archaic age. It is one of the best examples of Carian architecture. The most important building in the Ancient City is the temple. The phrase “GERGAS” is written at the entrance of the temple, which was built using cut stones.

There is a destroyed Kybele statue at the bottom of the temple. The people living in the region stated that the statue was solid 20-30 years ago, but then it collapsed on its own.


There is no charge for you to visit the Gerga Ancient City.

Kargi aqueduct (Kargı Su Kemeri) located on Cine Stream, fascinates those who see it with its aesthetic architecture in harmony with nature. The Kargı Aqueduct, which has survived from the Roman period and is located on a unique valley, is one of the historical structures that should be seen in Aydin Cine. The area where the Kargı aqueduct is located is very beautiful. Here you can enjoy the fresh air and also take beautiful pictures.

Kargi aqueduct (Kargı Su Kemeri)
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