Dwarf Cave – Alanya Sapadere Places To Visit

Dwarf cave is one of the touristic places to visit in Sapadere, Alanya. Opened to visitors in 2012, the cave is located on the road to Sapadere canyon.

It is located in Sapadere Neighborhood, 37 kilometers away from Gazipasa town centre, in the northwest. The cave, named after a story about dwarves, is relatively small compared to the caves found in other parts of Antalya.

Dwarf cave has a karstic and natural structure. The stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave are similar to those in the Damlatas cave in the center of Alanya. There are stalactites and stalagmites formed about 10 to 15 thousand years ago in the cave. Almost every part of the cave is illuminated and there are narrow small passages in places.

Access to the cave is provided via a platform of approximately 170 meters. There are 6 different galleries in the cave. The surrounding area of the cave is very beautiful with its nature and scenery. There is a cafe and restaurant for your needs.


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