Gizlikent waterfall – Must Visit Attractions in Seydikemer Mugla

Gizlikent waterfall is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mugla. Secret city waterfall is 5 minutes away from Saklikent national park and canyon.

Gizlikent Waterfall is located in the Seydikemer district of Mugla province. Because it has natural beauty hidden behind the green texture of nature in various shades, it almost looks like a secret city, as the name suggests. To find this secret city, you only need to set up a route and depart using your own private car or rental vehicle. The stunning Gizlikent waterfall with their views are natural wonders well worth a visit.

There is no bus route to the Gizlikent Waterfall. Arriving at the waterfall area, just walk down the long stairs to see the Gizlikent waterfall. With the sound of running water and a cool climate, this is a very impressive place for those seeking peace and quiet, especially in the hot summer months. Saklikent national park is also 500m behind the Gizlikent Waterfall. It is possible to reach the region from the Saklıkent Gorge.

Gizlikent Waterfall are visited by those who want to cool off from the hot weather. Waterfall visitors mostly prefer to cool off by walking under the waterfall, which rushes from above. This unique moment is favorable for happy moments. You won’t fail to capture this moment with photo frames and share them on social media platforms. This is one of the ideal places for those who like to take nature photos.

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