Klazomenai Ancient City of Olive Presses – Urla Izmir

Many districts of İzmir are famous for Olive and Olive Oil. There are olive oil museums to visit in Izmir. What has been unearthed at the Klazomenai Ruins shows that the history of olive oil in the region dates back thousands of years. Klazomenai Ruins is one of the historical places where work is still going on. But you can still see many artifacts in the historical place.

Klazomenai Ruins

Klazomenai Archaeological Site, whose remains are partly located on Quarantine Island, is one of the twelve Ionian cities. The first excavations in this ancient city, located on the northern shore of the Urla-Çeşme peninsula, were started by a Greek archaeologist in 1921-1922.

The Ministry of Culture, on the other hand, started its own work between 1979-1980. Excavations in the city have continued since then. The findings obtained from the studies show that the city was founded in the Iron Age and that it dates back to the BC. It shows that it has been inhabited since the 4000s. The period when the welfare level of the city reached its highest level, BC. It was the end of the 6th century.

Because during this period, both settlement and olive oil production became more and more widespread. Today, among the ruins found in the Klazomenai Archaeological Site, a large number of objects can be found, from grinding stones to mortars. In addition, the remains of both furnaces and hearths and round single-space houses can be examined closely.

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