5 Million Years Old Cave in Gazipasa – Yalan Dunya Cave

The 5 million-year-old Yalan Dunya Cave in Antalya fascinates local and foreign tourists. Yalan Dunya Cave, located in Gazipasa’s Beyrebucak neighborhood, 7 kilometers from the district center, consists of stalagmites, stalactites and columns that are 5 million years old. The cave, which has a temperature of 28 degrees in summer and winter, has a length of 4 kilometers.

One of the Longest Caves in Turkey

The cave, 450 meters of which was arranged and illuminated by Gazipasa District Governorate and Antalya Governorship in 2010, is thought to be good for asthma and is used by the local people for this purpose. The cave is also home to a different bat species. This bat species lives only in the Yalan Dunya cave.

Yalan Dunya Cave is one of the longest caves in Turkey. It is a cave 4 kilometers long. Currently, the 450-meter section is open to visitors. The temperature in the cave is constant at 28 degrees in summer and winter and has a humidity of 75 percent. There are 3 big halls at 100-meter intervals in the 450-meter area that has been opened to visitors.

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