Mersin Center – Top 2 Museums to Visit in Yenisehir

If you like history and museum trips, the Maritime and Archeology museums in Mersin are very nice. There are many museums throughout Mersin. 2 of them are located close to the city center. It can be found in small museums in different parts of Mersin.

Mersin Archeology Museum

The museum is located in the Yenisehir district of Mersin.The museum has 2 floors. A total of 1,435 works are exhibited. Ethnography and archaeological artifacts are exhibited in the museum. The museum consists of three parts. These sections are:

  • Stone works section; Human heads, statues, amphorae and steles from the Roman Period are exhibited.
  • Archaeological department; Artifacts belonging to the Old Bronze, Urartian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods obtained as a result of archaeological studies in Mersin and its surrounding mounds, ruins and ancient cities are exhibited.
  • Ethnography department; approximately 446 ethnographic works are exhibited. Artifacts reflecting the cultures of the Mersin region are exhibited.

If you want to visit Mersin, it is recommended to visit this museum.

Mersin Naval Museum

The museum is located in the Yenişehir district of Mersin. It was put into service in 2010. It has a large collection. If you are curious about the Turkish naval war history in detail, it tells you this history in detail.

Since it has over 500 works and a library of 800 books, it offers you many options. What’s in the Mersin Naval Museum houses sailor clothes, ship models, crests, busts, ship models, amphorae and many items from different periods of history.

In addition, the Museum also has an interactive hall. Here, maritime information is given to young children. Therefore, it can also be considered by families with children.

Mersin Naval Museum
Mersin Naval Museum
Mersin Naval Museum
Mersin Naval Museum

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