Phosphorus cave in Alanya – Cave Tours in Alanya

The phosphorus cave in Alanya receives thousands of tourists every year. The water inside the cave is clean and clear with a predominance of turquoise. If you are vacationing in Alanya, you should witness this natural beauty.

The Phosphoric Cave got its name from its appearance. The water glows with phosphorus and arouses a lot of curiosity among tourists. This glow is noticeable to the unarmed eye, even in the daytime. The formation of the Phosphoric Cave took place for centuries as a result of the destructive power of water.

The Phosphoric Cave got its name from its appearance

Vacation tips

  • It is not recommended to visit the cave in bad weather and rough seas.
  • Take your swimming clothes with you. Sightseeing boats take short swimming breaks in front of the cave.

How to get to the Phosphoric Cave?

This is a sea cave, so you can only get to it by boat. Small boats can go inside the cave. It is impossible to get to the Phosphoric Cave by road.

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