Selinus Ancient City – Place to Visit in Antalya Gazipasa

Selinus Ancient City was known as Trajanapolis in the past. On the hill of the peninsula surrounded by walls, there is the acropolis of the city. The summit with a cistern has a view that dominates the Mediterranean. The city’s agora is by the sea. Although the Agora has been destroyed, its granite columns can be seen.

Inside the ramparts on the slope are the remains of a church with an apse. The church is dedicated to St Thekla. Another monumental structure of the city is a hunting lodge decorated with red zigzag motifs during the Seljuk period of the 5th century. It is thought that this structure also remained from ancient times and was a tomb built in memory of Emperor Trajan.

Remains of aqueducts are found around the Selinus Stream, which flows into the Mediterranean. The tombs in the necropolis of the ancient city, as monumental structures, reveal the burial traditions of the Cilicia region in the best way. Archaeological studies in the ancient city are still limited to surface surveys.

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