1 Day in Antalya – Hadrian’s Gate and 4 Different Attractions

Kaleici is located in the city center of Antalya and Kaleici is also known as old Antalya. Kaleici is one of the best destinations for history and culture trips in Antalya. You can see many touristic places in 1 day and have a good time in the surrounding restaurants and cafes.

Best Places to Visit in 1 Day

Hadrian’s Gate is one of the most important historical buildings that attract the attention of tourists in Antalya. Hadrian’s Gate is also known as the entrance gate to Historical Kaleici. Hadrian’s Gate, built to commemorate the visit of the Ancient Roman Emperor Hadrian, is located in the historical Kaleici region of Antalya. Hadrian’s Gate, A.D. It was built in 130, at that time, to mark the entrance point to the city and as a monument in honor of the emperor. There are also many touristic places to visit around Hadrian’s Gate.

  • Hadrian’s Gate was designed as a three-arched triumphal arch between two round towers. The towers on both sides reflect examples of Roman architecture. The inscription on the door indicates that it was built during the emperor’s visit and expresses his love for the city. This ancient building is greeted with interest by visitors as a rich example of both history and architecture.
  • Kaleici (known as Old Antalya) is one of the most visited places in Antalya with its narrow streets, historical houses, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. If you want to explore the historical atmosphere of Antalya, you can visit Kaleici. Kaleici is also famous for its boutique and stone hotels.
  • Karaalioglu Park, located very close to Kaleici, is one of the most beautiful parks in Antalya with its view. You can take a walk with a sea view, taste local flavors in restaurants and cafes, or have a good time with your children in the playgrounds in the park.
  • Yivli Minaret, a Seljuk-era minaret located near Hadrian’s Gate, is one of the symbolic historical buildings of Antalya. It is one of the places that attracts the attention of travelers with its appearance. It is one of the places you can see, even if by chance, when you go for a walk in the narrow and historical streets of Kaleici.
  • Antalya Museum, located a few kilometers away from Hadrian’s Gate, is one of the best museums in Turkey displaying the archaeological riches of the region. You can see ancient artifacts, historical ruins and many different artifacts in the Antalya museum, which consists of 13 different exhibition halls.
  • Kaleici marina, is the historical port of Antalya, you can visit this port especially when you want to join boat trips for a few hours. Besides boat trips, you can visit the port when you are bored or want to take a walk.

Apart from the tourist attractions above, you can also see many different historical places when you walk in Kaleici. Finally, the best option for shopping in Antalya is the Kaleici region. If you want to shop both high quality and cheap, you can choose the small shops in Kaleici. If you want to go to the beach during the day, you can go to Mermerli beach in Antalya center or the nearby Konyaalti beach.

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