• Arykanda Ancient City Historical Ruins and Nature Trip - Arykanda Antik Kenti - Finike Antalya

    Arykanda Ancient City: Historical Ruins and Nature Trip

    Arykanda is an ancient Lycian city located in the Finike district of Antalya, Turkey. This ancient city is located on a hill surrounded by natural beauties and draws attention with its historical and archaeological riches. The history of Arykanda dates back to BC. It dates back to the 5th century.…

  • Finike with its Nature and Beaches - Sightseeing in Antalya

    Holiday or Excursion in Finike – Details About Finike

    Antalya’s Finike district is a fantastic choice for a holiday if you are looking for a serene coastal destination with natural beauty and historical sites. The closest places to Finike are Kumluca and Demre. Finike district of Antalya Beaches: Finike is known for its beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.…

  • Suluin Finike Cave

    Suluin Cave in Finike – Cave Waiting to be Discovered

    Suluin cave is located in Antalya – Finike district. The Suluin Cave is assumed to be still not fully explored. It is assumed that it has a length of more than 60 meters and a width of more than 25 meters. Most of the cave is under water. Currently, only professional divers and explorers can dive…

  • Gokbuk Finike Canyon

    Enchanting Gokbuk Canyon in Finike – Nature Activities

    Gokbuk Canyon is located 140 km from Antalya near Finike resort. Gokbuk Canyon does not receive due attention due to its distance from the center of Antalya. Gokbuk Canyon is a must visit for people who want peace and tranquility. Gokbuk Canyon offers opportunities for outdoor sports, camping, creek hiking, canoeing and swimming. The…

  • Limyra Ancient City Finike

    Limyra Ancient City – A Journey to History in Antalya Finike

    The ancient city of Limyra is one of the must-see historical places in Antalya’s Finike district. Many artifacts were found during the excavations in the ancient city of Limyra and these artifacts are exhibited in the Antalya museum. Details About the Ancient City of Limyra Limyra was a significant Lycian…

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