• Kadriye, Holiday Resort in Serik District of Antalya

    Kadriye, Holiday Resort in Serik District of Antalya

    Kadriye is a holiday region in the Serik district of Antalya. It is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, golf courses, and various recreational activities. Kadriye boasts several stunning beaches with golden sands and clear blue waters. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and various water sports activities along…

  • Ucansu waterfall Serik Antalya

    Ucansu waterfall Serik Antalya – Waterfall to Visit Near Belek

    Ucansu waterfall is a hidden paradise of Antalya province. The waterfall is not as popular with visitors, so your journey will take place in a relaxed atmosphere. We recommend Ucansu waterfall for those looking to escape the crowded resorts while breathing in the air of real Turkey. Ucansu Waterfall Height…

  • Historic Aspendos Bridge Serik Antalya

    Aspendos Bridge – Historical Bridge in Antalya Serik

    The historic Aspendos Bridge is very close to the ancient city of Aspendos. This is the Serik area in Antalya. The bridge is built on the waters flowing from the Taurus Mountains. The Aspendos Bridge connects both sides of the Kopruchay River. The historic bridge, 225 meters long, is closed…

  • Zeytintasi Cave

    Zeytintasi Cave – Cave to Visit Near Manavgat and Belek

    Zeytintasi cave is located near the city of Serik. While enjoying the sea and sun of Antalya, the cave will add historical and natural beauty to your vacation. Zeytintasi¬†cave is advertised very little, therefore it is not known among tourists. The mesmerizing visualization of the cave will not leave you…

  • The land of Legends Belek Theme Park

    Entertainment in Antalya Belek – Land Of Legends Theme Park

    The land of legends belek theme park is a stunning theme park that beckons vacationers with its entertainment. A fun time in the Land of Legends Park will leave a lot of impressions. Everything on the territory is well planned. The land of Legends park includes a lot more than…

  • Aspendos Ancient City Huge Amphitheater

    The Most Beautiful Ancient Theater of Antalya – Aspendos

    Located in the Serik district of Antalya, the ancient theater and ancient city of Aspendos is close to places such as Belek and Manavgat. In general, sightseeing tours are organized for tourists. On these tours, the Aspendos theater and ancient city are visited. In addition, the nearby Aspendos aqueduct and…

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