• Delikdeniz in Gazipasa - The Place known as King's Bay

    Delikdeniz in Gazipasa – The Place known as King’s bay

    Delikdeniz, which is one of the bays visited by many people in Antalya’s Gazipasa district, is also known as the king’s bay. It is about 60 km away from the center of Alanya. If you want to visit this bay, here are some details you need to know. You have…

  • Beaches in Antalya Gazipasa - Photo Koru Beach

    2 Beautiful Beaches in Antalya Gazipasa – Free Family Beaches

    Gazipasa district of Antalya is located close to Alanya and has beautiful beaches to swim in as well as places to visit. One of these beaches is for women and the other beach is Koru beach with natural pools. Gazipasa, the district of Antalya that attracts attention with its own…

  • Antiochia ad Cragum

    Antiochia ad Cragum Ancient City – Places To Visit Near Alanya

    Antiocheia Ad Cragum Ancient City, also known as Antiocheia Ad Cragum Güney Mahalle, is one of the places that attract the attention of travelers in Antalya. Just below the ancient city, there is Kral Bay, known as Delikdeniz. The ruins of the city are located on a hill with a…

  • The ancient city of Selinus Gazipasa

    Selinus Ancient City – Place to Visit in Antalya Gazipasa

    Selinus Ancient City was known as Trajanapolis in the past. On the hill of the peninsula surrounded by walls, there is the acropolis of the city. The summit with a cistern has a view that dominates the Mediterranean. The city’s agora is by the sea. Although the Agora has been…

  • Gunnercik Plateau pazipasa

    Gunnercik Plateau in Gazipasa – Highlands to See in Antalya

    The Gunnercik plateau is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains in the Gazipasa region, at an altitude of 1800 meters. The distance from the city center is 50 km. The plateau, surrounded by mountains on all four sides, is one of the popular places in and around Alanya. The…

  • Yalan Dunya cave The best sights of Alanya

    5 Million Years Old Cave in Gazipasa – Yalan Dunya Cave

    The 5 million-year-old Yalan Dunya Cave in Antalya fascinates local and foreign tourists. Yalan Dunya Cave, located in Gazipasa’s Beyrebucak neighborhood, 7 kilometers from the district center, consists of stalagmites, stalactites and columns that are 5 million years old. The cave, which has a temperature of 28 degrees in summer…

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