3 Tips for Shopping in Bodrum – Best Products to Buy

If you want to buy quality and special things from Bodrum, you can consider a few of our suggestions in this article. You can buy products such as classic shopping, textile and clothing products, and small souvenirs from anywhere. Apart from large stores and shopping malls, there are also local public markets in Bodrum.

Best Things to Buy on Bodrum Holiday

We have 3 recommendations for shopping and one of them is Tangerine jam, one of the local flavors of Bodrum, the second is leather products and the third is Milas carpets, which stand out with their quality in Turkey. We would like to remind you that most of the branded products sold especially in holiday areas are imitations.

Leather Products

Leather products, sold in many tourist places, are much more diverse in Bodrum. Here are some leather products you can buy from Bodrum. Leather wallets, men’s and women’s leather bags, leather shoes, leather belts, leather jackets and coats. The most important detail to pay attention to when purchasing leather products is the quality of the product you purchase. Quality is very important in leather products, and in general, leather products are sold at different prices depending on the quality of the leather and accessories used. Therefore, if you want to buy leather products, you should choose reliable sellers.

Milas Carpets

Milas carpets are approximately 45 Km from Milas Bodrum. Milas carpets are very famous in Turkey. There are many historical places in Milas that attract the attention of tourists. That’s why you can go on a historical tour as well as a shopping tour to buy carpets. You can buy carpets from many places in Bodrum. However, I recommend you buy from Milas for more options, more colors, patterns and most importantly, the original Milas carpet.

Milas Carpets Brief Information

  • Patterns: Milas Carpets are generally decorated with traditional Turkish motifs. Geometric patterns, symbols and floral motifs are the characteristic features of Milas carpets.
  • Colours: Milas carpets generally have vibrant and rich colours. Colors produced using local natural dyes add a unique look to the carpets.
  • The materials used in carpet making are generally made of natural fibers such as wool and cotton. These materials increase the durability of carpets.

Tangerine Jam

Very delicious tangerines grow in Bodrum and its surroundings. Tangerine jam made from these tangerines stands out as one of the popular local flavors in Bodrum. Tangerine jam made with traditional methods is very delicious. If you want to buy tangerine jam in Bodrum, I recommend you to choose local markets, public bazaars and local producers.

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