6 Best Ski Resorts for Winter Holidays in Turkey

Ski resorts in Turkey offer opportunities not only for those who want to ski, but also for various activities such as snowboarding, sledding and snow walks. Cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues in ski resorts also allow visitors to have a nice holiday. Summary information about the best ski resorts in Turkey.

Uludag Ski Center in Bursa

Uludag, which is 3 hours away from Istanbul, ranks first among winter sports centers due to its easily accessible and close location and being the most developed snow center in Turkey. Uludag Ski Center, one of the indispensable addresses of winter sports, hosts thousands of local and foreign visitors every year.

In addition to offering a unique experience to sports fans, it also promises a unique experience with its natural beauties to those who are not interested in sports but love snow holidays. In addition to skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snowmobiling activities can also be done in Uludag, which has 24 tracks in different categories, from beginner skiers to professionals.

Palandoken Ski Center in Erzurum

Palandoken, the popular ski resort of Erzurum, one of the most famous ski routes in Turkey after Uludag, is one of the places that gives unforgettable moments to snow enthusiasts or those who prefer the ski resort for winter holidays. Palandoken ski resort is famous for its high altitude and quality snow structure. At the ski resort, importance is given to works such as track maintenance, improving snow quality and updating the facilities.

Kartalkaya Ski Center in Bolu

Kartalkaya ski resort, among the natural beauties of Bolu, is one of the popular destinations for ski holidays. You have the opportunity to do any winter sport you want at Kartalkaya ski resort. It will not be difficult to find the right and most entertaining track for yourself among the 13 tracks. One of the most beautiful aspects of Kartalkaya is that it offers the opportunity to ice skate in an open area, in nature.

Sarikamis Ski Resort in Kars

Sarikamis is another important ski route that stands out with its unique nature and historical texture. Despite the cold climate of winter, the high-quality snow cover continues to fascinate those who prefer Sarikamis. Sarikamis Ski Center is one of the five ski resorts in Turkey, which has first priority in terms of winter tourism and winter sports. The ski resort is located on a plateau between 2200 meters and 2900 meters altitude. The ski center has the capacity to serve 15,000 skiers per day in total.

Kartepe Ski Center in Kocaeli Izmit

It is one of the closest ski resorts to Istanbul. Kartepe is a natural wonder that can be visited in four seasons of the year. Ski enthusiasts can enjoy this place from late December to early March. During the winter months, they can do many winter sports here, especially skiing and snowboarding. The ideal dates for skiing at Kartepe ski resort are December and February. Apart from skiing, it is also possible to have a winter holiday or nature activities at Kartepe ski resort. More information about Kartepe ski resort.

Erciyes Ski Center in Kayseri

Erciyes Ski Center, which is the 5th highest mountain in Turkey with an altitude of 3 thousand 916 meters, attracts attention among the centers that have become popular recently. There are 32 snow tracks of different difficulty levels in Erciyes. Apart from skiing, you can have a nice holiday by taking nature walks. Erciyes ski resort has become a ski resort preferred by foreign tourists in recent years with its affordable price and proximity to Cappadocia.

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