Antalya Style Piyaz – Flavors You Must Try in Antalya

Antalya style Piyaz is more than just a local delicacy, it is one of the most popular flavors with its tarator sauce and unique structure. Antalya style Piyaz is available in restaurants in many parts of the city. Some consume it as a salad and some consume it as a main course, but Piyaz is suitable for both.

What Distinguishes Antalya Piyaz from Other Piyaz?

Piyaz is prepared with different ingredients in many cities and is generally consumed as a salad. Antalya Piyaz, on the other hand, is preferred as a main dish other than salad, and this Piyaz, unique to Antalya, has a history of approximately 100 years. This Piyaz, a local delicacy, is one of the flavors that is appreciated by local and foreign tourists with its special sauce and characteristic taste in its recipe. Antalya Piyazi, which stands out with its small beans that do not fall apart while cooking, is prepared with tarator sauce.

This sauce is prepared with ingredients such as boiled beans, tahini, lemon, vinegar, rock salt and garlic. The sauced beans are then served with tomatoes, eggs, parsley, olive oil and onions if desired. This flavor, which can be found in many restaurants in the city center, is not only satisfying on its own, but also forms a perfect duo with shish meatballs, one of Antalya’s favorite flavors.

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