Column of Constantine – Historical Column in Istanbul

Column of Constantine is one of the historical places to be seen in Fatih district of Istanbul. Its location is close to Sultanahmet Square and many other historical buildings. If you are visiting the Column of Constantine in Istanbul, you will definitely see it on the way.

Column of Constantine – Cemberlitas Sutunu

1.Constantine had the 57-meter-long Apollo Column, which he had removed from the Temple of Apollo in Rome, erected in his honor in 300 AD, in the square called Forum Constantine, in its present location. The famous Apollon column, erected on Forum Constantine, one of the seven hills of Istanbul, was formed by combining 8 columns, each of which is 3 tons and 3 meters in diameter, and a pedestal.

While there was a statue of Apollo saluting the rising sun on top when he first arrived, Constantine I removed this statue and had his own statue erected on the top of the column. Later, the statues of Julianus and Theodosius were placed on the top of the building.

The Apollon Column, which was repaired for the first time in the 1400s by Yavuz Sultan Selim, was renewed by Sultan Mustafa II after the fire. After the Apollon Column, which was reinforced with walls in the renovation works, was strengthened by wrapping iron circles around it, it took its name from these circles and started to be known as Cemberlitas.

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