Fethiye is one of the places most visited by foreign tourists

Among the ruins connected to the Fethiye Museum, Kayakoy was one of the most visited places by local and foreign tourists last year. Many tourists prefer Fethiye to visit the sea, sand and sun, as well as the ancient cities dating back thousands of years and the museums where the artifacts unearthed there are exhibited. Fethiye is also preferred because its location is close to the touristic places that attract the attention of tourists. For example, in Seydikemer, there are different touristic places worth seeing other than the Saklikent canyon.

Kayakoy in Fethiye, which has a history of 5 thousand years; With 61 thousand 993 visitors in 2022, it surpassed the museums and ruins in the region. In 2023, 100 thousand 13 people visited it. Amintas King tombs, located outside Kayakoy with a view of Fethiye Bay, ranked second. Amintas King Tombs, which were visited by 32 thousand 282 people in 2022, were visited by 98 thousand 607 people in 2023.

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