Istanbul Archaeological Museums – One of the Top 10 Museums

Istanbul Archaeological Museums, where thousands of important historical artifacts are exhibited , provide an unforgettable museum experience to its visitors. The museum is among the top 10 museums in the world  .

Located between Topkapı Palace and Gülhane Park, the Istanbul Archaeological Museums are among the most important museums of Istanbul and are one of the most beautiful museums that must be seen in Turkey.

You may need more time to visit the museum, which has more than 1 million artifacts belonging to Anatolian and world civilizations, together with the works in the warehouse, and you will definitely be impressed by this museum.

Istanbul Archaeological Museums

Although various breakthroughs were made in museology during the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror in the Ottoman period, the main understanding of museology showed itself in the last periods of the empire. 

Istanbul Archaeological Museums, which also has a peaceful garden, consists of three main museums: the Archaeological Museum, the Tiled Kiosk and the Ancient Orient Museum.

The Archaeological Museum, built in the Neo-Classical style, serves as the main building of the complex. With the additions made to the building in 1903 and 1907, the building took its present form.

Today, in this building, you can see very important artifacts brought from various parts of the world, especially the Alexander Tomb, the Tomb of Crying Women, the Lycian Tomb, and the Tabnit Tomb , in the Istanbul Archeology Museum.

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