Keloglan Cave – A Cave to Visit Near Pamukkale

Keloglan Cave, which is among the places to visit, is one of the 14 caves open to tourism in Denizli. Keloglan Cave, which was brought into tourism in 2003, is entered by passing through a wide entrance. The cave, which has a height of 5-6 meters, has a promenade of approximately 145 meters. Keloglan cave is located on the road to Pamukkale.

There are many stalactites and stalagmites in the cave, which has a humid and warm weather. There are many natural sections and chambers in the cave, as well as stalactites and stalagmites formed by water droplets containing lime from soils with a karstic structure for many years. It is said that Keloglan Cave is good for respiratory patients such as asthma and bronchitis.

The interior of the cave has a recessed-protruding structure due to the separation of the interlocking chambers with the Damlataş columns. After entering Keloglan Cave, a large gallery is encountered. Various stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years can be clearly observed in this part. Thanks to the illuminated walking paths, visitors can easily tour the inside of the cave. The inside of the cave is monitored by cameras and there is a small bat colony at the entrance. There is a small market in the area where the cave is located. It is possible to drink tea, coffee or have a snack here.

The name of Denizli Keloglan Cave comes from a rumor told among the people. One day, a bald and kose shepherd named Himmet, who lives in the Dodurgalar region, grazes the animals. Shepherd, who is about 5-6 kilometers from the village, is caught in a heavy rain suddenly and finds himself at the entrance of a cave while looking for a place to take shelter. While waiting for the rain to stop, he wonders inside the cave and goes inside. After wandering around for a while, he cannot find the exit. Himmet, who disappeared for a week, is found by the villagers. Bald and beardless Himmet: His hair and beard grew spontaneously during his stay in the cave. Later, this cave became famous as Keloglan Cave. (Keloğlan in Turkish) means a person without hair.

In line with this rumor, which is still quite common, many people who visit Keloglan Cave believe that they will have thick hair.

Keloglan Cave - A Cave to Visit Near Pamukkale - Keloğlan Mağarası Denizli Keloglan Cave - A Cave to Visit Near Pamukkale - Keloğlan Mağarası Denizli Keloglan Cave - A Cave to Visit Near Pamukkale - Keloğlan Mağarası Denizli

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