Sand Sculpture Museum in Antalya – Sand Art Museum (Sandland)

The Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival (Sandland) is the world’s largest sand exhibition. The exhibition space covers about 10 km. For the lazy, there is a great way to get around – an ATV safari. All year round, thousands of tourists flock to admire the sand sculptures.

Sandland, which is the common point of art, creativity and entertainment, is one of the must-see places in Antalya. The beautiful sand sculptures made using only sand and water in an area of 10 thousand square meters are beautiful to attract the attention of everyone from 7 to 70.

Sand Sculpture Museum (Sandland) in Antalya

Sand sculptures: It is a type of art that has become quite common in the world in recent years. It is made using only sand and water. A special type of sand is used in the making of sand sculptures. Sand sculpture museum is located very close to Lara beach. That’s why you can swim in Lara beach after the museum tour.

Location of Sand Sculpture Museum

The sand sculpture museum is located approximately 12 Km from the center of Antalya. You can go to the Sand Sculpture Museum by taking the buses to Lara from many parts of Antalya.

What’s in the Sand Sculpture Museum?

The sand sculpture museum continues to host its visitors with the theme of “Sea Legends”. Serving with the slogan of the World’s Most Fantastic Museum, the sand sculpture museum hosts sand sculptures of many mythological beings from the Far East, America, the Middle East and Europe.

In addition to the sand sculptures you will see inside, there is also a workshop for children. With kinetic sand, children can spend time with fun activities that increase their creativity.

The Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival (Sandland)

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