Temple of Apollo – Best Temples of the Ancient World

Didim Temple of Apollo is located in Didim district of Aydin. It has the title of being the third largest temple of the ancient world. Located in Yenihisar Village of Didim district, the Temple of Apollo is at the top of the list of places to visit in Didim.

The Temple of Apollo in Aydın Didim

People living in the region BC showed great interest in things such as fortune telling and magic. Especially Didim region was known as the city of fortune tellers and magicians. The place known as the Prophecy section in the Temple of Apollo in Didim supports these assumptions. It is said that the oracles exhibited their skills in the Prophecy section of the Temple of Apollo, which covers a very large area.

The Temple of Apollo, also known as the Didymaion, is an ancient Greek sanctuary located in Didim, Aydin Province, Turkey. It was dedicated to the god Apollo and was one of the most significant oracles in the ancient world. Here are some key points about the Temple of Apollo in Aydin Didim:

History: The construction of the Temple of Apollo began in the 8th century BCE, but it underwent several phases of expansion and rebuilding over the centuries. It reached its peak during the Hellenistic period in the 4th century BCE. The temple complex continued to be an important religious site even during the Roman era.

Oracle of Didyma: The Temple of Apollo housed the Oracle of Didyma, where priests and priestesses would deliver prophecies and oracles to visitors seeking divine guidance. The oracles of Didyma were highly regarded in the ancient world and attracted pilgrims from various regions.

Architecture: The Temple of Apollo at Didyma was renowned for its impressive size and grandeur. It was designed in the Ionic architectural style, with massive columns supporting the temple structure. The temple had 122 columns, each standing at around 19 meters (62 feet) tall. Only a few of these columns remain standing today.

Sacred Way: The approach to the Temple of Apollo was through a sacred road known as the Sacred Way. This processional route was adorned with statues and monuments, creating a dramatic entrance to the temple complex. The Sacred Way stretched for about 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) and connected the temple to the ancient city of Miletus.

Excavations and Preservation: The Temple of Apollo in Didim has undergone various excavation campaigns and restoration efforts over the years. Several artifacts, including statues and reliefs, have been discovered at the site. The German Archaeological Institute has been actively involved in the restoration and preservation of the temple.

Present-day Status: Today, the Temple of Apollo in Aydin Didim is a popular tourist attraction and an important archaeological site. Visitors can explore the remaining columns, walk along the Sacred Way, and learn about the ancient rituals and beliefs associated with the temple.

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