Candarli Castle – Historical Castle in Izmir Dikili

It is stated that the history of Candarli Castle dates back thousands of years, but took its final shape during the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, it can be said that its appearance is modern and its condition is good.

Candarli Castle

Although the exact date of construction of the castle is not known, it is thought to date back to the 2nd century BC. The presence of ancient stones on the walls of the castle, which was built and destroyed many times, shows that its history is rooted.

Its construction in its present form dates back to the 14th century. The Genoese, who took Foca in the 14th century AD, were considering building a castle here. This castle both took on a defensive task and showed the power of the Genoese. This castle, located in the city of Pitane, later passed to the Karesi Principality.

The castle, which is still intact today, was repaired by Candarli Halil Pasha in the 14th century and rebuilt in the 15th century. Stone blocks were added to be resistant to attacks.

In the old times, it was named Candarli instead of Pitane. Today, it has become the focus of attention of visitors with its view overlooking the sea. Guardrails have also been added to facilitate visitation and increase security.

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