Natural Beauties in Mersin – Places to Visit in Camliyayla

Camliyayla district of Mersin: if you like natural beauties, you will find plenty here. The Priest’s Garden and the Hell Creek national park are the most beautiful places in Mersin. If you want to camp, have a picnic, swim in cold waters or spend time in nature, you can visit Camliyayla district.

If you want to go to the Priest’s garden in Mersin and the Hell Creek national park in Mersin, you should be careful. Because some of the roads are bad here. It is also recommended that you take extra food and drink with you. Because after the ice-cold waters and fresh air, you will eat and drink more than usual. The priest’s garden is where trout restaurants are located. There are also trout facilities here.

There are also nature walks in groups here.
The 2 places we recommend are very beautiful. If you are doing research on things to do in Mersin and you like nature trips, Camliyayla district is one of the best places for you.

Priest’s Garden in Mersin (Papazın Bahçesi)

Hell Creek National Park in Mersin (Cehennem Deresi Milli Parkı)

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