Mersin Mut – Alahan Monastery and Top 4 Places to Visit

Mut district of Mersin is close to the Taurus Mountains. Nature excursions are popular here. One of the best places to visit in Mut district is Alahan Monastery. In addition, Sason canyon and Yenikopru Waterfall in Mut district are also very beautiful. If you are looking for places to visit in Mersin and its districts, you can find details about the best places to visit on our website.

Historical Places in Mersin Mut District

Alahan Monastery (Alahan Manastırı).Alahan Monastery, one of the most famous historical buildings of Mersin, is one of the structures built under the influence of the Byzantine Period. It is one of today’s cultural heritages. B.C. It is one of the historical monuments made in the 5th century.

It consists of many parts and is a building built on a large area. The eastern monastery church, the western church and the surrounding cemeteries constitute important parts of the Alahan Monastery.

Mut Castle (Mut Kalesi). This castle was destroyed and rebuilt many times. During the war, some states that took this place burned it down. They made a new one instead. Therefore, the date of its first construction is unknown. The castle is rectangular and supported by diagonal and square bastions. 

Mut Castle (Mut Kalesi)
Mut Castle (Mut Kalesi)

Sason Canyon (Sason Kanyonu). There are two canyons in the form of miraculous nature in the Mut district of Mersin in the Eastern Taurus Mountains: Sason and Gogden. Sason Canyon is like a giant rock city with a length of 12 kilometers and the highest point reaching 300 meters. Caves hidden in their walls, stone stairs going down to the deepest part of the valley, water cisterns and rock tombs are common. This proves that the canyon witnessed different settlements in ancient times.

Sason Canyon (Sason Kanyonu)
Sason Canyon (Sason Kanyonu)

Waterfall in Mut district of Mersin

Yenikopru Waterfall (Yeni Köprü Şelalesi). Yenikopru Waterfall, which spills from a height of 30 meters and the turquoise colored lake, which is 15 meters deep, attracts the attention of tourists and photography enthusiasts in the Mut district of Mersin. This place is also known as the Yerkopru waterfall.

To reach the waterfall, we need to walk about 2 km. The waterfall flowing from a height of 30 meters and a turquoise lake with a depth of 15 meters accompany the unique beauty. Visitors can watch the waterfall from the 2 viewing terraces across and above the water.

Yenikopru Waterfall (Yeni Köprü Şelalesi)
Yenikopru Waterfall (Yeni Köprü Şelalesi)

National Park

Karaeksi National Park (Karaeksi Milli Parkı). Covering an area of ​​5 hectares, the national park is a recreation and picnic area. There is a stream flowing next to this park. In addition, this place is covered with pine and plane trees. There are also trout facilities here. You can eat fresh trout from the restaurants in the national park. There are places to meet all your needs in the national park.

Karaeksi National Park Karaeksi Milli Parkı)
Karaeksi National Park (Karaeksi Milli Parkı)

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