St.Nicholas Church – Historical Church in Aydin Soke

The historical St. Nicholas Church in Aydin Soke district in Turkey is one of the important historical buildings of the district. The church is on the road leading to the Old Doğanbey houses. The church, which was built in 1821, was built by the Greeks. The building, which was previously used as a mosque, was later converted into a church.

The Church of St. Nicholas is located in the former Greek settlement of Gullubahce (Güllübahçe), which was then known as Gelebec (Gelebeç).

The historical Church, which has the distinction of being the second church built in the name of Santa Claus, was built in a rectangular shape. The historical St. Nicholas Church is one of the religious places to visit.

After the departure of the Greeks in 1922, the church was used as a mosque for 25-30 years by the Turks who came with the exchange. It is understood that there was no physical intervention during the period when it was used as a mosque.

However, later on, unfortunately, it deteriorated as a result of the destruction done by treasure hunters and illegal diggers.

St. Nicholas Church was visited by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Since the church is in danger of being demolished, the information that the Church will be restored soon has been shared.

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